Frequently Asked Questions

What Steps Should I Take?

  1. Form an internal real estate committee.
    You will want a balanced team with different perspectives and specialties. A member of senior management provides the needed overview and can be the spokesperson, the CFO handles budget issues and the head of administration contributes the operational input.
  2. Review your existing lease.
    Identify expiration date, options and important notice dates.
  3. Select an outside real estate representative.
    As an integral part of your team, you will want an experienced firm of real estate professionals, which can bring you an in-depth knowledge of the market and availabilities as well as expertise in the nuances of location, details of lease terms, relocation and occupancy costs. Your real estate representative will help you find the other professionals such as architects, engineers, contractors, telecommunications experts, and move consultants to assist you through the move process. And the best part is your representative is free. It is customary that the landlords pay all fees and commissions.
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